We’re excited to announce that New Hope will reopen for indoor worship services July 3 at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.!

This includes Kids Church (ages 5-10), which will take place at both times and the Pour Place.

We’ll also resume circles for high school students, college-age and young adults, and adults, though each circle will have the flexibility to continue meeting virtually or outdoors.


Kids Care and Kids Circles will resume in September in accordance with Howard County’s reopening plan for public schools.

We recognize people have different levels of comfort with coming back into the building. So we’re asking everyone to wear a mask in consideration of others. It’s what people like us do.

Our services continue to be streamed online. We look forward to seeing you at New Hope sometime in the future.



What cleaning and safety measures will you be taking when church reopens?

We’ve made more sanitizing stations available throughout the building, including more contactless features in our restrooms, and have contracted with a professional cleaning company to clean our building throughout the week.

Will I have to register to attend church?

Because the county has lifted capacity limits, we will not require registration to attend worship services. Parents must register their kids for Kids Church.

Will there be limited capacity during each service?

No, as the county has lifted capacity limits for indoor gatherings.

Will there be social distancing?

We will implement social distancing for Kids Church but not for worship services, following local guidelines. However, we always recommend taking necessary precautions based on your comfort level, particularly for individuals who are not vaccinated or have health concerns.

Will you do any contact tracing in case someone contracts COVID-19?

Howard County guidelines no longer require contact tracing for large gatherings. We do ask that you remain home if you are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19.

Why will drive-in church end once New Hope reopens for indoor services?

Hotter and more humid weather makes gathering outdoors uncomfortable for attendees and volunteers. Additionally, given our limited number of volunteers who will serve during the two indoor services, we cannot support a simultaneous outdoor service.

Will the Pour Place be open?

Yes, the Pour Place will be open and will follow guidelines for indoor food service.

When will Kids Care and Kids Circles be open?

Kids Care and Kids Circles will resume in September in accordance with Howard County’s reopening plan for public schools.

Will High School, College-Age, Young Adult and Adult Circles be open?

All these circles will meet as usual starting July 3 but have the flexibility to continue meeting virtually or outdoors as they wish.



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