Local church offerings support New Hope’s many ministries—children, youth, young adults, families, community outreach, resources for all of them —the church’s administrative staff; literally everything that happens or is produced by New Hope (outside of our pastor’s salaries). Funds that are marked tithe go directly toward supporting the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church, funding pastors (including our own), missionaries and administrators around the world.


If you have any questions, please send us an email or call 301-854-1866.


Giving of your time and means is a faith statement of thanks to God and a way to support your local church.

There are a lot of things that happen when you give to New Hope. We not only take care of our own, but we are able to use the resources entrusted to us to bring Jesus to our city and around the world.

The members at New Hope have formed a partnership with Grassroots, an emergency, transitional and walk-in crisis shelter in Howard County, Maryland. Grassroots is a 24-hour resource to individuals and families in need in Howard and nearby Counties in Maryland.

New Hope Grassroots Ministry (NHGM) assists in meal preparation and service once a month. On the third Saturday of each month, we prepare and serve dinner to the homeless men, women and children that reside in the facility.

The NHGM is working towards increasing this to two Saturday dinners and is always looking for new volunteers who are willing to serve or cook for these events.

The families are always happy to see us and the contributions by New Hope members have been helpful and also appreciated as donations have been reduced as a result of the state of the economy.

Email us for more information.

New Hope’s Garden of Hope is the brainchild of member Lindsey Taylor, who thought of the garden as a way to provide fresh vegetables for our local ministry efforts.

The garden is a 40’ x 50’ plot of land behind the trailer on church grounds. Crops grown include cherry and Roma tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and various peppers, in addition to basil, parsley and dill.

Garden-grown fare regularly makes it into the meals we prepare and serve monthly for individuals at Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, a walk-in crisis shelter in Columbia, Md.

Among this year’s harvest: tomatoes, onions, green beans, squash, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, broccoli and flowers. In addition to these crops, some new ones entered the mix, including blueberries, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkins.

There are always opportunities to pitch in in the form of an upcoming cleanup and rebuild, which will involve building more garden beds, putting down weed-block material, remulching and more.

Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty and seeing things grow and bloom? To learn more about New Hope’s garden and how you can get involved, email us.

In the summer of 2008 members of the New Hope S.O.S. Missions team fell in love with the people of Mozambique as they helped build a school, operated medical clinics, drilled water wells and conducted a Vacation Bible School.

The school that New Hope’s team helped build opened in February of 2009. We were excited about that! We were disturbed to learn, however, that most of the children in the surrounding neighborhood would not be able to afford the tuition to attend the school that they faithfully watched us build for 2½ weeks. We decided that this could not be! New Hope’s S.o.S. Missions Board started a Student Scholarship Program that will enable us to sponsor students to attend the school.

The Plan

Provide tuition and uniforms to enable needy children to attend the New Hope Mahotas Adventist School in Mahotas, Mozambique.

The Cost

$25 per month, or $300 annually, which includes the cost of lunch and a school uniform that is required by schools in Mozambique. Many children are unable to attend school simply because their family cannot afford to pay for the uniform!

What You Get

You will receive a blessing for helping a child receive a Christian education who might otherwise not be educated at all. Just imagine how education can change a child’s future!

How to Give

Your donations will be tax-deductible. We encourage you to pay the $300 up-front if you are able so that the student is guaranteed coverage for an entire school year — and to reduce administrative costs and tracking. If you prefer a monthly payment plan of $25/month for a year, please let us know.

Donation Options

  • Online Giving- click here.
  • You can also make your donations by checks made payable to “New Hope Adventist Church” and marked “Mozambique Scholarships“. Please send an email to to request a printable donation form to include with your payment. Mailed or hand-carried donations will receive a receipt at year-end from New Hope Adventist Church.
  • You may also make a one-time donation to be used for the scholarship program. This gift will be combined with others to sponsor the largest number of students possible. No gift is too small!

Thank you for considering educating a child in Mozambique. Please feel free to share this program with anyone that you think might be interested. The school has a capacity of 400 students, so there are plenty of children to help!

Food for seniors is a community service project that delivers groceries free of charge to economically challenged seniors in Howard County.

The program has been ongoing jointly, during the school year, between Pointers Run Elementary and Clarksville Middle School since September 2006.

Around the 15th of each month 6th grade students, faculty and staff at CMS bring in healthy, nutritious, non-perishable diabetic foods for seniors. Students sort and bag groceries once a month during their science classes.

Students and their parents deliver the bags of groceries directly to the seniors’ doors later that day around the third week, or the 15th, of each month. The senior residential building, about 15 minutes away was chosen because everyone in this building lives on less than $29,100 per year, or as little as $9,000 per year. The transportation and physical limitations of seniors make it difficult for them to get to area food banks.

In just four years, over 4000 bags of groceries and toiletries have been delivered. New Hope’s Sharing Our Pantry ministry keeps the program going through the summers when school is not in session.

New Hope’s Sharing Our Pantry ministry has delivered almost 1400 bags of groceries to seniors during the months of June, July and August over the past 7 years. 

For details, email us.

Shopping List

  • 1 box of cereal (Cheerios, Corn Flakes or oatmeal)
  • 1 box of PLAIN rice or pasta – no additives or flavorings
  • 2 cans of vegetables (corn, green beans, peas, carrots, etc.)
  • 2 cans of fruit  (peaches, pear, oranges, etc)
  • 3 cans of tuna, chicken or turkey
  • 1 can of spaghetti sauce
  • 1 jar of peanut butter
  • 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese
  • 3 cans of soup (chicken, vegetable, minestrone)

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