New Hope values Christian education and the opportunities it provides to those who decide it’s what they want for their child(ren). Last year, New Hope provided over $100,000 in financial support for children who attended Seventh-day Adventist schools in the D.C. area.

That support comes in a “constituency differential” to New Hope members whose children attend a Seventh-day Adventist Church (grades K-12) day school in the local area. The constituency differential covers the difference between the discounted tuition rate to the families of students who belong to a particular constituent church and the non-constituent rate. We don’t want anyone to be disenfranchised simply because of the church they choose to be a part of.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for this? 
You must fill out the application below and submit it by June 16, 2024. Be sure to complete the entire application.

How does one qualify? 
The differential is based upon the available funds that have been budgeted. To qualify for this support, you must:

1. Be a member of New Hope Adventist Church
2. Be a regular giver to the church budget
3. Volunteer in a church ministry at least once a month
4. Attend New Hope Adventist Church a minimum of two times a month.

All four criteria are expected to be met

Can my child receive this subsidy for boarding schools?  
The differential was created for local day schools. However, some schools offer a matching church program. This may be available based upon a needs-based assessment upon funds availability.

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